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20 Second Tip

A friend told me that when it comes to hugging, which you know I’m a fan of, 20 seconds makes all the difference.

She said that it takes 20 seconds for us to soak up all the benefits of a hug.  In a world that’s always zooming, 20 seconds can seem like an eternity.  But, it’s all worth it.

Here’s another fact which I thought we could use in the classroom.  It also takes 20 seconds for a compliment to be received.  Those are 20 seconds of silence.  Nope, not even ‘thank you’ is allowed.

Next time you recognize your students, ask the students to give one another 20 seconds for the recognition to percolate.

I’m excited to hear how it makes a difference in their days.

Enjoy your weekend.  Take some time to slow down and give lots of hugs to those you care about.



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