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Mind dump: 3 words

This week’s conversation starter is part conversation part stop-n-jot.

This Monday ask your students to pause and write down 3 words which come to mind immediately.

Ask for volunteers to share words they wrote down.  Share your words.  See if any resonate with words other students wrote down.

This quick activity does many things in a span of a few short minutes:

  1. It sends the message that you care what’s on students’ minds
  2. It makes it okay for minds to be filled with things that aren’t tied to the lesson.  Let them know this is something adults balance regularly, too.
  3. You get quick feedback on where everyone is mentally and emotionally
  4. It’s a mini-vocabulary lesson ripe for discussion on synonyms (ex: one student writes confused while another writes puzzled)
  5. You can assess spelling ability and correct misspellings when you review their answers (more applicable for younger students)

If I did this activity right now my 3 words would be: nap, laundry and grading :)





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