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What is your dream school?

As August nears, many are preparing to head back to school.  Something I’ve done with colleagues which effectively focuses the team and inspires a fresh outlook on the year ahead, is brainstorm what our dream school looks like.  Some focus on the aesthetics of the building, while other dig in and reenvision the curriculum.  By beginning with the dream school in mind, the team can better make decisions about whats most important for the coming school year.

I propose asking kids the same question:

Tell me about your dream school?

This question is ripe for incorporating multiple intelligences.  Consider encouraging students to answer creatively using pictures or video.

The point of starting this conversation is two fold:

  1. To learn about your students’ priorities when it comes to school
  2. To give students the opportunity to practice advocating for what matters to them

For younger kiddos try asking:

What should we learn in school?
What should school look like?

Can’t wait to hear what they come up with!




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