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What would you fight for?

September is a month of getting-to-know-you for teachers and students.  Establishing relationships with students and among students is, among other things, a key lever in the complex recipe for student achievement.  There are many ways to begin to learn about your students (please share your favorite tips for this!), and I’d like to suggest this conversation starter as a subtle way to learn what the students are passionate about.

This Monday pose the question: What is something that is unfair that you would fight for? 

I like this question because it tells you not only what students are upset about but also what they are so upset about that they would do something about it.  Moreover, it opens up an opportunity for the important life lesson that there are many things in life which are unfair, but only so many we can fight for/against.  In short: pick your battles.  (But goodness, please do battle for those which you pick – another critical teachable moment!)

Children are acutely aware of the unfair.  As they age they grasp a sense of injustice and feel compelled to action.  This conversation, therefore, can be approached with students of all ages.  Try these questions for littler ones: What is unfair?  & What is the most unfair?

I can’t wait to hear what they come up with!




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