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Conversation Starters: App Design

Students today are extremely tech savvy.  Let’s leverage their skills and comfort there and, let’s face it, their authority on the matter to have them discuss their ideas for new tech.

Because this month’s focus is creativity, let’s put the students in the inventor’s chair.  The key to teaching kids about happiness is helping them identify the what and the how.  That is: What makes them happy?? How will they get it?  This is a very subtle, safe way to begin their journey.

This week ask them:

“If you could design a new app, what would it do and what would it look like?”

Objective: Get students to reflect on what they wish they had access to and to begin building problem-solving skills about how to get it.

This is a great way to leverage multiple intelligences: writers, artists, and tech-wizards.  You may be surprised on who in the group provides the best answers!  Also, incorporating drawing and drafting gives littler kids access to answering this question.

For stuck students, try these prompts:

  • Which apps do you use the most?  What is similar about them?
  • Which apps do you use that need improving?  How would you improve them?
  • What is one thing you dislike doing that you wish your phone could do for you?
  • What will be the next big social media app?

For littler ones, this can be changed to ask:

“What is a toy you would design?  What would it do and what would it look like?”

Let me know what they come up with!


– AK


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