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Conversation Starters: Super Powers (Part II)

Last week you asked your students to invent a superpower that would help them.  This week, let’s find out how they would like to help others.

Ask your class:

“What superpower would you like to have that would serve others?”

Objective: This week’s objective is to guide students into a reflection on how they would like to and/or enjoy supporting others.  Their role they play with others will be integral to their happiness as adults.  This is a nice way to help them begin to ask how they will shape that role.

Because this prompt asks students to be selfless, it will be less difficult for them to come up with canned answers.  (Ex: I would like to fly/be invisible/eat endless amounts of candy.)  This may mean they are more uncomfortable.  Be wary of this as you begin this conversation with them.

Some prompts to get their idea juices flowing:

  • What is a service the world/our neighborhood/our school needs?  What is a superpower that could provide that?
  • Reflect on the superpower you chose to serve yourself?  Could it be tweaked to serve others?
  • Have you ever been unable to help someone who was struggling/upset/needy?  What power would you have needed to be able to support them through a difficult time?

For younger students, ask:

“How would you like to be able to help your classmates/friends/parents/siblings?”

Let me know what they come up with!


– AK


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