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I lucked out last week and got to hear Dr. Amit Sood speak on the topic of happiness.  Sood, MD is a doctor at the Mayo Clinic who is using neuroscience to study happiness.  As you can imagine, he had my rapt attention!

The context for Dr. Sood’s research is daily living and family unity.  In other words, he works to develop strategies that adults can use in daily life, many of which revolve around family relationships.

One tidbit of advice he gave for strengthening family relationships was this:

Meet family members each day as though you haven’t seen them in 30 days.

We know absence makes the heart grow fonder, so channeling that can be effective in growing our fondness for those we interact with frequently, even in times that are trying.  It sets everyone up for success and multiplies joy, not to mention patience!

Can you see the connection to the classroom?

I know how difficult working with certain students can be.  But, I also know how much children flourish when they are given the opportunity reset their relationship with their teacher.

It’s scary to show up when you’ve messed up.  As adults, we have the luxury of reengaging when we feel recovered.  School asks kids to show up on a daily basis no matter how they feel.

So, next time you’re having trouble resetting your clock, think about Sood’s 30 day strategy.  Imagine you’ve been away for 30 days and are returning to your classroom.




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