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A sense of urgency and acceptance

If I were asked to define what success looks like for The Eight Hugs Curriculum, my answer would be to inspire a sense of urgency and acceptance.

My goal is to light the fire of urgency in the hearts of the adults who influence children’s development everyday.  This work takes a village.  Educators already know how important this work is.  I’m here to elevate their concerns and give them the tools they need to reach kids and to reach them quickly.

My second goal is to teach children about acceptance.  Truly, acceptance of ourselves and others will unlock the door to happiness.  This curriculum is about teaching children self-awareness and self-acceptance.  Brene Brown, PhD has claimed time and again that we can only extend love and appreciation to others if we are experts in offering love and acceptance to ourselves.  Acceptance is integral to happiness.

May is Mental Health awareness month.  A site for social workers is offering these pressing reminders which speak to the importance of both urgency and acceptance:

Youth-Mental-IllnessBrought to you by Social Work License Map

Mental-Illness-StigmaBrought to you by Social Work License Map

We have much important work to do my friends.  I’m honored you’re here alongside me.




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